Why adding your sender domain is important for sending emails?

Once you’re signed up, you will be getting access to your MimePost account where the next step is to configure your sender domain. Note: Unless you have a sender domain configured and approved by MimePost, you won’t be able to send any emails. But, let’s understand the reason why this is so important.

Sender domain is the one which will be part of your From Address in emails. Example; if you are sending email from support@mydomain.com to somebody@gmail.com, then mydomain.com is the one which needs to be added and configured on MimePost.

If you are using a domain which is not mapped to your actual business website leads to a situation where the recipient and the anti-spam filters categories the email as suspicious and sometimes phishing too. This is the very reason why MimePost has a strict check of getting the domain added and reviewed before sending any emails from our network.

If you have multiple sender domains, then you should add those before actually using those to send emails. Both domains and subdomains are allowed for sending emails. Here is a sender domain policy with which your domain should compile with, to ensure the domains which we will be reviewing covers the basic hygienes, required for sending emails from MimePost’s Good Sender Network (GSN).