What is Good Sender Network (GSN)?

As the name suggests, its a Network of good senders.

Which means a private internet pipe which is exclusively used by good email senders across the world to send emails to their users.

Each IP address which have been assigned to this network carries a very high sender reputation and been recognised by all leading mailbox providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook.

You might be thinking, what does this Good Email Sender mean here? Good Senders are people who send emails that matter the most; emails that are bound to drive high engagement rate, emails that drive open rates upwards of 35%.

How MimePost enables such a high reputation for these IP addresses?

It’s not MimePost who builds the high reputation for these IP addresses, infact its you who builds this reputation. MimePost is just a platform or a facilitator, where good senders like you joins and sends good emails which in return contributes to build a highly reputed network. It’s your contribution which is helping MimePost to ensure that you can send emails at scale too at the most affordable price in the industry.

Not just you will be saving a lot, but your emails will be always reaching on time and never false tagged as spam.

Less Cost doesn’t mean Send More and Spam. Emails should be sent respectfully. MimePost takes the complete ownership of each emails which have been sent via GSN network and want you too to take a similar level of ownership. It will be a joint effort to make email a better ecosystem for communication and not a mode for spamming.

All MimePost users, sends emails with an open rate upwards of 35%, in fact many sends emails with open rates upwards of 60% too, you can imagine the type of IP reputation which will be building because of such a high engagement rate.

MimePost working closely with Global Anti-Spam Community to further strengthen its internal network and guidelines for its users to send more relevant emails.

Because of all these efforts, MimePost is able to keep its network refreshed, reputed and updated with any recent industry changes and shares the same with its community of good senders.

If you have not yet joined our Good Sender Network (GSN), to send your important emails then use this link to signup.

*Note: All new signups are being reviewed by our Compliance and Anti-Spam to ensure what you intent to send and what you were sending in past are in sync with the Good Sender Network (GSN) policies and guidelines.