What are the factors which MimePost checks while doing the domain review?

Here is the list of stuff MimePost compliance team checks while approving any domain. Note: This is a comprehensive list but the checks are not limited to this.

  1. Website/Blog: It is important to have your business website/blog hosted on the sender domain you added on MimePost. This is because for a very simple reason that, when the recipient receives your email, they should be able to recognise the sender very well. Using a domain which is not mapped to your actual business website leads to a situation where the recipient and the anti-spam filters categories the email as suspicious and sometimes phishing too. Using a new domain other than your main website domain is not allowed on MimePost platform. In case, you don’t want to use your main domain (which has the website), then it is recommended to create a sub-domain of the main domain and use that for sending emails. For example; if your main domain which has a business website is mydomain.com, then you can either use mydomain.com or any of its subdomains like; mail.mydomain.com, alerts.mydomain.com, support.mydomain.com, but all of these sub-domains should be redirected to your main website if somebody tries to open the subdomain in a browser. Main domains, not clearly describing your business will not be processed for further review.

  2. Nature of business: The nature of your business should not be in our list of prohibited businesses. While you might be having a valid and profitable business running, but there are few types of businesses which MimePost won’t be able to support on its GSN. The detailed list is available here.

  3. Poor Sender Score: Your main domain or any of its subdomain is carrying a bad sender score, which means the past email sending patterns from this domain has scored negative in the Global Anti-Spam Community. You can check the sender score of your domain here: https://www.senderscore.org/lookup.php?lookup=0

  4. The domain is listed: This is really critical. Based on your past email sending pattern, your domain might have listed on few of the anti-spam engines. If that the case, MimePost won’t be able to support email sending from this domain, unless the domain is delisted. Here is a link where you can check the current listing status: http://multirbl.valli.org/lookup/